flexcone electric breast pump

Our flexcone™ electric breast pump ensures that you are always able to give all the benefits of your breast milk to your baby, even when you are not with them.


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product information

info & care

Colour:  Clear and White

Suitable from:  birth upwards

size & dimensions

Pump Body 112mm x 112mm x 70mm

Pump Attachment including bottle adapter 85mm x 145mm x 165mm

flexcone™ 90mm (circumference) x 22mm (inside flexcone™ at smallest point)

included in the pack

1x vital baby® NURTURE™ flexcone™ electric breast pump

1x vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like feeding bottle 150ml, cap and collar

1x vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like teat slow flow

1x silicone breast cup and flexcone™

1x manual breast pump conversion kit

1x bottle stand

1x bottle adapter

1x spare membrane

1x USB charge cable and plug adapter

6x vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads

Breastfeeding may not always be easy, but we are here to help and reassure you, to make the experience as relaxing and as stress-free as possible.

The vital baby® NURTURE flexcone electric breast pump with it’s super soft silicone breast cup and flexcone provides cushioning around your breast and mimics the suckling action of your baby to provide the most natural and effective breast milk expression.


What makes the vital baby® NURTURE flexcone electric breast pump so good?

The vital baby® NURTURE flexcone electric breast pump behaves the same way as your baby would when feeding.  It has a 2-phase expression for fast and effective breastmilk production.

Phase 1: Fast, small pulses massage and stimulate the breast to help gently induce milk flow.

Phase 2: Slower and longer pulses encourage ‘let down’ where your milk will start to flow smoothly.

The flexcone imitates the natural gentle massaging of your breast which occurs when baby is breastfeeding.

• Super soft silicone breast cup and flexcone provides gentle, comfortable and natural expressing for mom.

• Unique soft silicone flexcone and cup massages the breast to mimic your baby’s natural sucking action for super comfort and more milk flow.

• 2 phase expression promotes milk production by mimicking baby’s natural breast feeding action.

• The pump has 9 speed settings in each phase, making the pump perfectly adaptable for every mom’s comfort level.

• Portable and lightweight ergonomic design, perfect for use anywhere.

• Supplied with a convenient handle for manual operation.


Why express breast milk?

Expressing is especially handy when:

• Mom has to be away from baby for a period of time.

• Mom’s breasts may feel uncomfortably full (this is referred to as engorgement).

• Baby is not able to suckle well from mom’s breast and prefers to take breast milk from a bottle.

• Mom wants to boost her milk supply.

• To enable partner (or other relatives) to feed baby as a way to encourage bonding, whilst offering mom some well-deserved rest.

With 9 different speed settings to give ultimate control, the vital baby® NURTURE flexcone electric breast provides a tailored feeding experience. The touch panel control is easy to use and quick to operate.  It is discreet, quiet, lightweight and portable for total convenience.

Perfect for use when at home or away; cordless operation with the built-in rechargeable battery, or plug in with the USB cable included – the choice is mom’s!

With a free handle included for manual operation, the vital baby® NURTURE flexcone electric breast gives all the flexibility you need in one fantastic breast pump.

3 reviews for flexcone electric breast pump

  1. This pump is AMAZING. I was given another brands breast pump by my friend that she hadn’t used as she didn’t get on well with breastfeeding. I used it for a few weeks, and then it broke, totally rubbish! I then read some reviews and found this one. It’s cut my pumping time by more than half!!!!! And is far more comfortable. I found I was able to express more milk, making expressing so much simpler. If only she found this pump, she might have been able to find feeding breast milk easier. Thank you Vital Baby!!!!!!!

    Camilla Robinson

  2. My milk has come in crazy amounts after just a few days of using this pump! It’s comfy (as much as it could be!) and the different levels help me adapt to how I’m feeling. Amazing!

    Sarah Cox

  3. For my first baby, i went for the most popular breast pump on the market and didn’t have time to do too much research when I actually needed it! However this time around I was lucky to be able to afford to review and look around a bit more after knowing a little more of what I wanted! I was so impressed by the flexible cone after pain using another – I decided that this was the one! I have not been disappointed! The fact that you also get the manual as well as the electric pump, well it’s a bargain! Whilst there is now a hands free rival – for me this is by far better value for money. After 6 months, I am so impressed! Thanks vitalbaby!

    Charlotte Cross

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