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Combination and bottle feeding

Combination and Bottle Feeding

Preparing for a new addition to the family can be a little tricky. There are endless decisions to be made, and
planning doesn’t always pan out as expected. One major decision for new parents and guardians is whether or
not that bundle of joy will be breastfed, bottle-fed, or both.
What is Combination and Bottle Feeding?
We all know what breastfeeding involves, as it is the oldest and most popular form of nourishment for infants.
Not every mother is able to breastfeed exclusively, however. Some mothers also prefer formula from the very
start in order to have better control over their little one’s nutrition. In such cases, bottle feeding and combination
feeding are excellent options.
Bottle feeding refers to feeding the child exclusively from a bottle. While this can mean only formula milk, many
mothers express their breastmilk into bottles too. Combination feeding is when mothers opt to breastfeed as
well as bottle feed, using either breast milk or formula.
Some Advantages to Consider
Breastfeeding is an excellent time of bonding between mother and child, and most experts agree that breastmilk
offers balanced nutrition for your little one. Combination and bottle feeding also comes with benefits, however,
such as:
It’s far easier to keep tabs on how much your baby has had to drink with a bottle. This makes changes in
appetite easier to spot.
Your spouse and family members can also bond with your child by feeding them with a bottle.
There’s no need to be present during feeding times – this is ideal for moms who need to return to work
and leave their infant in the care of someone else.
Whether you choose to feed from the breast, bottle, or both, we would like to support your feeding journey with
your little one.

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