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We know that happiness is a healthy, well-cared-for family. We also know that you only want the best for those under your care; that you’re always seeking innovative solutions to help your family along this journey. The crucial months between infancy and toddlerhood, in particular, are essential. This is why we at vital baby® have put special effort into creating quality products that solve your everyday needs and challenges. Our mission is to take the effort and fuss out of feeding, weaning, and cleaning, and ensure that every precious moment with your little one is as enjoyable as possible.


Our range is 100% BPA-free and includes a line for every stage of your baby’s development. Whether for newborn, baby, or toddler, our products are completely safe and easy to use. Breast pumps, sterilisers, baby bowls and cups, and other weaning and feeding solutions will see you through each exciting new phase in your child’s life. You are the expert when it comes to your family, which is precisely why we have developed a collection that caters to the lifestyles of on-the-go moms, dads, and carers alike. You see, when you spend less time worrying about those parenting challenges, you have more time to watch junior flourish.


Our selection is diverse and includes products from our NURTURE™, HYGIENE™, NOURISH™, and HYDRATE™ ranges. Each line is dedicated to ensuring that the time spent with your little one is hassle-free and intuitive. Now, you can make the most of every minute and delight in your baby’s growth. Watch them crawl, walk, and talk, safe in the knowledge that the vital baby® family will be there for you every step of the way.


We warmly welcome you to our trusted family brand that has served thousands of households for generations.

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Here at vital baby®, it is essential to us that you feel supported. Our news corner is an excellent source of advice and help, and we update it regularly to keep you in the loop. For comments, queries, or feedback on our products, feel free to fill out our contact form

the product range

vital baby® NURTURE a collection of newborn products including breast pumps, sterilisers, bottles and accessories for you and your baby. The range offers peace of mind, reassurance, convenience and ease of use.

The vital baby® HYGIENE range keeps your baby, family and home clean, hygienic and odour-free.   Our collection of nappy disposal systems, wipes and sanitisers is the safe choice for eliminating harmful germs, smells and bacteria!

The vital baby® NOURISH range of BPA-free baby bowls, toddler plates, baby cutlery, snack pots and freezer pots helps little ones gain confidence with eating. These products make your life easier when weaning and feeding baby too!

vital baby® HYDRATE  is a collection of baby and toddler drinking cups for every age and stage of your baby.  This range of sippy cups, straw cups and free-flow cups encourages confident independent drinking without spills!

vital baby bottle
baby product review
Vital Baby 3
“absolutely crucial”

These baby bottles are fantastic.  I had tried so many before these, which my youngest refused after I stopped breastfeeding and introduced the bottle.  He took to these straight away.  I would definitely recommend them.  

sarah todd – mom of three!